T&P valve for a 2500USG Hot water Tank @125MAWP

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      Can someone help me clarify & confirm the T&P valve sizing requirement for a 2500 US gal. hot water vertical tank which is ASME code stamped at 125 MAWP. A low pressure steam immersion heater is used to heat the water with a max. heating duty of 2,000,000 btu/hr.

      The proposed T&P valve is a Watts N241-5. This was based on the ASME rated heating capacity in lieu of the AGA or now called CSA capacity rating on the valve specification sheet from Watts.

      Can you confirm that the AGA value should not be used since this is a code stamped vessel.

      Do you have any other suggestions or better solution than the WATTS N241-5

      Best Regards

      Ernie C.

      You respond on the bulletin board and/or my email address ecaccese@total.net

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      Yuo shud get a enginear to putt his stamp onit.

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