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      Avatar photoBow Plumbing Systems

        I bought my house brand new 10 years ago, I’ve had to repair at least 3 pin hole leaks in the middle of the pipe(not joint) since, I’d say the first leak appeared when the house was 5yrs old and the newest one this week. My parents have lived in their house 34yrs and they have yet to repair any leaks.
        Why would my pipes spring leaks so often?

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        Avatar photorickw

          I would venture to say you are probably getting green stains on fixtures and you are probably on a private well water source.
          If these facts are correct your water probably has a low pH causing the acid to literally eat away at the inside of your pipes.

          Rick Morgan

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          Avatar phototidriver1

            I don’t use well water, I have a town line.
            I don’t get alot of green goook around my fixtures.

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            Avatar photoSelgas

              Ya gotta wonder ifin the Plumber that done the job from the outset used “thin wall” copper pipe which would suffer errosion at a far hreater rate than standard wall copper pipe.

              We had a run on some copper pipe down here about 10 years ago that for no aparant reason developed pin hole leaks, however we put it down to our hard abrasive water we have here. Perhaps we were a little hasty in that asumption and maybe it really was a fault batch of copper pipe.

              It may even be a breakdown due to electrolosis with an electrical current passing through the copper to earth.

              Would be interested in what others may think.

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              Avatar photojohnws

                Rick is correct with low pH or acidic water but you can also get this from town supplies. When water is first introduced into the pipes it forms a protective layer or pertina. If this layer is not formed (low pH) then the acidic water accelerates corrosion by creating hydrogen ions.

                In New Zealand we get this problem when some water authorities dose the water supply (Chlorine & Flouride). Unfortunately your problem is likely to continue getting worse. Get the water tested and if the water condition is going to be a problem then investigate the “plastic” pipes systems to replace the copper.

                Good luck

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                Avatar photoTheLocalPlumber

                  Do not under estimate the condition of the soil that this pipe sits on. That is why code requires it to lay in sand, so as not to allow soil conditions to play a factor.
                  Does this system have a hot water return line?
                  Velocity of water is another reason for pin hole leaks.
                  The Local PLumber
                  Tustin, California

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