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      I just moved to southern California from the midwest of the USA. I was told by my nieghbors that our electricity come from the water. It doesn’t taste really different from the water back home. Does this make it safer than the water back home?

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      Chris: I have fed all available criteria into the computer, and have good news to report.
      You are far safer in California while drinking water than in Kansas. In Kansas it is an 11 times more likelyhood of meeting an untimely demise while drinking water there, because you could get sucked up by a Tornado at any minute.
      While drinking water in California, you have only to worry about an occasional Earthquake.

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      This whole saga reminds me of a note I read in a local newspaper a long time ago.
      When England got it’s first Natural Gas Supply from the North Sea a female reader wrote in and asked “Now that the new gas comes from the North Sea which has salt in it – is it true that now I will not have to put salt in the pototoes when I boil them on the gas cooker”

      Geez where do some people get these crazy ideas from????

      Electricity generated from a water source (turbines etc) is no different to electricity generated from an oil burning generator – the equation is the same the source of generation is irrelevant.

      And NO I am NOT Blonde!!!!

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      To mak sure thet yuo don get shucks from yer watrpips, use plastc fawcetts an put a copper wir from the pips to the ground. Keep to much watr outof yer lectric wirs.

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