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      I recently purchased a 1.5 yr old house. I’ve come to find out the water heater installation was done incorrectly. The manufacturers pressure relief (PR)port is on the side about 5 inches from the top. However, it appears the installer removed the anode from the top and connected the PR in its place and then put a “relief” sticker over top of the “anode” imprint in the metal. I am not having any problems yet, but should I be concerned and have it fixed? If I have it fixed, what type of price might I be looking at? I’d appreciate any help. Thank you.

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      J: On many water heaters there are two tappings to accomodate T@P reief valves. The unused opening is plugged with a 3/4″ plug that is provided by the manufaturer.
      Take another look at the heater in question, and see if there isn’t in fact an 1-1/8″ hex nut
      barely protruding through the sheet metal jacket. It may even be obscured somewhat by the foamed insulation that is used in most new heaters.
      If none is found, there are retrofit anodes available that can be inserted in the hot water
      outlet tapping.
      Without an anode to protect the inside of that tank, it’s useful life will be greatly reduced.

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      Well answered Moe I totally agree with you and would hasten to add that without a sacrificial anode fitted to a mains pressure cylinder I doubt the cylinder life would reach the manufactures warranty expiry period.
      If the Plumber has fitted the cylinder in the manner in which you describe and has in fact removed the anode – then the cylinder will no longer comply with the manufacturers specifications and as a consequence will not be covered with any warranty.
      Search the titles and get the original installer back to rectify the problem.

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