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      B. Dennison

      A couple of weeks back, there was a segment on NBC nightly news informing viewers of the hazards of polybutylene piping used in homes between 1978 and 1995. Our home utilizes primarily copper pipe. However, this past November we remodeled the bathrooms in our home and used plastic tube risers for each toilet. Each risers tag has the following information:

      Plumb Pak Corporation
      3/8″ OD 15″
      Each riser has a stamp of either Merflex or Morflex
      ASME A112.18.6 ASTM F876/877
      Each riser has a time stamp of 2001

      My question is simple: Is this the same polybutylene NBC recommends being replaced OR is the a new and improved version? I just want to be safe and I have no problem replacing the riser if this is truly polybutylene and is a “ticking time bomb”. Once again, just want to be cautious and prevent any problems in the future. I appreciate your sincerity!



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      TL: If the supply tube for your toilets are gray in colour, there is a very good likelyhood that they are polybutylene.
      If you would feel safer by replacing them with metal supply tubes or some of the newer braided stainless steel offerings….do it.

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