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      chris h goodpasture

      I changed out the elements in my water heater because I wasn’t getting enough hot water. I was walked through this at Home Depot and bought everything needed. I turned off the power and shut off the water, changed the elements, turned the water back on.
      I was told to make sure I have water coming out of the faucets before I turn the power back on.
      I have no water or anything coming out of the faucets, Is this because I don’t have the power on?
      I need my hot water, any help?

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      Jean: No water coming out of your faucets has nothing to do with the power being on or off.
      It has to do with the water being on or off.
      Check all the valves (Main valve to the house, the valve that controls the water going to the water heater, and the stops that control the water flow to the fixtures.
      You must completely fill the tank with water
      before turning the power on to avoid dry fireing the elements that you just put in (causing them to burn out).
      Take your time, retrace your footsteps when you turned the water off, and turn them back on and all will be fine.

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