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      I have a two element water heater made my State Industries about 10 years ago. The upper thermostat is factory set with a high limit trip (red button) (an APCOM Model WH8S). The lower thermostat is adjustable (APCOM Model WH7). The high temp limit has been tripping and I’m not sure which element is bad. I want to replace them both, but I can’t seem to find these thermostat models available anywhere — must be out of production. Can anyone help me find a place to order these thermostats? I’d sure appreciate it.

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      First check for loose electrical connections to the upper element, thiscan cause the t-stat to get hot and trip the thermo disc in the energy cut off (Breaker)
      Check for a shorted element.
      If there are no problems with the above
      Purchase an upper and lower t-stat for the voltage rating of your water heater.
      Each one will have a wiring diagram enclosed.
      In most cases yellow and blue are for the upper element…red and black to the lower.
      follow the wiring diagram that comes with the new t-stats.
      Be sure to turn off the power before any repairs are attempted.

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