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      Christopher T Walker

      I was recently working at a schoolhouse were the contractor had connected the urinal drains to the vent lines from the Josum water closet carriers, thereby wet venting the toilets. Is this kosher? I have always installed a separate drain and vent for the urinals. All the fixtures have flush valves.

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      Bruce T

      what size vent connections are on top of the chair carriers?
      I have never seen the brand you mention, Is the vent on the carrier baffled in any way to receive waste??
      I doubt it!
      wet venting SUCKS anyways!
      and even if you were to attempt it you would have to have at least one pipe size larger than the fixture you are draining meaning the carrier vent fitting would have to be at least 3″ wouldnt it ??
      damn wheres Nick Hydo?
      He’ll straighten this mess out.

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      Everything Bruce T says is true…esp. about how wet venting ‘sucks’, which is literally why it is prohibited w/o upsizing the vent to 3″ (technically 2 1/2″ but we don’t see much of that pipe). Typically the primary problem would occur when urinals are flushed the toilet bowl level will have a tendency to siphon out, lowering the level and making a potential cascade effect of problems.

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      g.: I’m suprised that they still allow unwashed venting in some areas of the civilized world, as your comment suggests…….
      “I doubt it! wet venting SUCKS anyways!”
      Josam (not josum) is the type fittings alluded to by the original poster, perhaps this new line of fittings has not made an appearence in your area as yet? Be patient better days are coming.

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