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      I’m trying to find out whether a rubber coupling is available for a conection between two PVC pipes. I replaced my swimming pool pump motor and had to cut the PVC. I’d like to install a rubber coupling between the old and new PVC so that I can simply remove the coupling if I need to in the future. I found a 2″ rubber coupling for the suction side but not for the pressure side. There are rubber couplings as Home Depot that are fitted with a steel collar but they dont say whether they will work under pressure. Does anyone know whether a rubber coupling for a pressure line is acceptable and what plumbing terms indicate the coupling would work on a pressure line?


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      Avatar photobreplum

      I am a plbg contr. but have only done this at home spa, with mixed results. First, the style of couplings you describe come from a few mfrs. One type called Cremco is a semi-rigid plastic with two ss bands, the other typ. by Mission is neoprene with full s.s. sheild, Fernco is all rubber.

      Problems come from long term deformation of the plastic. My system runs at over 25 psi. With Cremco, within the first 6 months I did have a blowout, now 3 years later it has been fine. I would only recommend these be used in an exposed location, not too close to the heater (2.5′) and monitor as usual.

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      Avatar photoBruce T

      schedule 80 pvc unions.

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