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      I need help. One night hot water works the next morning it don’t. I have no hot water (no water at all) yet…:
      1. The top relief valve puts out water.
      2. The bottom of my water hearter drains fine
      3. the pipes going into my wall feel like they are hot.
      I’m afraid there is sediment clogging it. Any suggestions. And if you think it is the pipes, is there a way to clear the pipes without replacing them.
      It has to be something universal since all faucets do not have hot water. Is there a shut off valve inside the water heater? Yet the pipes out would still feel hot into the wall?

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      thanks. It was a hot water heat trap nipple and and and interanl pipe which corroded down to nothing. I had to call a plumber in but I am just glad I’m back in hot water.
      Thanks. I love a board that actually helps other people.

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