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      I have just purchased a house that was built in 1985. The plumbing pipe was quest (I may have spelled it
      wrong). I have read and heard from different people that their was a class action lawsuit against this product. This
      allowed for some people to have their homes plumbing corrected. I am experiencing problem after problem with leaking
      fittings that have cracked. Is their anybody I can contact or where can I read to find this information out?

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      greg landon

      I am in the process of selling a house w/ Quest piping. My seller has said she has never had a problem. Your email said you have problems w/ the fittings, MY house (I beleive) has metal w/ metal clamps. Have you had pipe problems? Please see my posting “Quest: pipe or fitting problem

      call me anytime 1-800-659-2740

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