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      Our master bath is across the house from the water heater. About 2 years ago, our recirculating pump went bad, causing us to have to wait about 3 minutes for hot water in the shower. It was replaced by a plumber under a home insurance plan. I now have a Grundfos pump.

      We are now having the same symptoms. It takes about 3 or more minutes for the water to get hot. This just started a few days ago.

      There appears to be a control panel and/or power supply connected to this pump. The power light is on. It says Goldline on the controls.

      I was recommended to cut the power supply line from the pump to the control panel and put a plug on it. Then plug it in and see if it works.

      I went today to buy a plug. I hooked it up the best I can, but I was unable to fully pull the cover over the prongs. The wires get in the way. I plugged it in to check for power, but nothing happened.

      I need help to make sure I am hooking the plug up correctly – then to confirm that the pump is not working. If not, I need a recommendation on another brand, so I don’t have to go through this again in 2 years.

      I can send digital pics detailing the situation.

      Thank you.

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      Harold Kestenholz

      A recirculation pump with a temperature control may be what you need. A circulator that runs constantly uses more energy than necessary and may have deposits from the water settle in the circulator faster than one that turns on when the water needs to be warmed in the line at the last tap.

      see model L4006C

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      That’s what I have currently – a pump with temperature controller. The system broke 2 years ago and the pump was replaced. Now the system broke again. I don’t know which is broken, but when I cut the line and put power to just the pump, it didn’t work. The controller power light stays on.

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      Harold Kestenholz

      Looks like the pump siezed. You can replace just the pump and hope the control works, or just install a new pump and the simpler controller listed above.

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      I was planning on replacing the pump, but I never got any help online on how to do it. So, I had to hire a plumber.

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      Aksin howto chang apump here is like askin a Roket scinteist howto get a drinkof watre.

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