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      I am installing a new bathroom sink and faucets. The sink is a Kohler 2205 and the faucets are from Delta. When I was putting the new drain assembly into the sink basin, I noticed that the drain pipe is about 1 1/2″ where as the hole in the sink is about 1 3/4″. This leaves a space between the pipe and the sink ( the drain flange sits properly in the sink).

      Is this normal ? This sink as an overflow drain and I am wondering since there is a space between the pipe and the actual sink, will water collect in there and cause proplems later on. The drain pipe itself has holes in the side to allow for the water to drain into it, but they are up higher than the bottom of the drain.

      This is hard to explain without a picture for me so let me try something here (bear with me!):


      ___ top of drain in sink
      | | | |__
      | | __ overflow entry
      |==| |==|
      ---| |--- bottom of drain
      | |

      The space between the pipe = is what I am talking about.

      Thanks for any advice ..

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      I think it sounds normal without seeing it. You’ll probably have to use some sort of sealant bot above and below. Putty or silicon or whatever you use.

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