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      I need help. Bad. I”m a college kid and my roomate came home froma party at like 3 am last night. he tried to cook a bunch of rice in the microwave, and it didin’t work so he got pissed and dumped it down the BATHROOM sink!. now there is NO water flow at all. I’ve tried a TON of chemical, i.e. liquid plumber and drano. still no progress. We don’t have the tools or the know how to take teh pipes apart. is there an easy solution ? or shoudl we just call teh landlord and pay a ton of money for his stupidity! ?
      -thanks in advance

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      Have u tried using chopsticks?

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      unfortunatly the only way to clean the drain out is to disassemble the drain to clean it out, you don’t want to use a auger or a plunger because you’ll push the rice futher down the pipe. i didn’t go to college but my friends did, and i remember the kind of flop holes they would rent,call a plumber before the rice gets into a drain pipe thats 300 years old

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