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      Avatar photoBarry Haley

        I have a 1 year old single lever Moen Tub/shower valve that does not provide hot water. Hot water is just a slight trickle. It used to work, all others in house work fine. I was told it could have something to do with PosiTemp being stuck. Is this repairable? Do I need to replace the valve? Of course my new home warranty expired 2 days prior to this ocurring.

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        Avatar photoBruce T

          Hmm thats a good question!
          They are pressure balancing valves that should shut down BOTH hot and cold if there was an ubstruction before the valve.
          My guess is that the OUTLET of the stem itself has an obstruction.
          shut down the house water and remove the stem and check it for debris.
          When building a house with a pressure balancing spool, if you do not have the hot water hooked up the pressure balancing spool will shut down the cold water at the shower as well, thats why i’m thinking that the outlet of the stem has some obstruction.
          Just my guess!
          Also, I belive the posi-temps also have a scald gaurd dial just behind the handle that can be adjusted…all it does is stop the handle from going to full open hot position, this can be adjusted without shutting off the water.

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          Avatar photoskiptay

            Well I tried to remove the valve stem but could not. Is there a secret? The folks at Moen may give me a new one but I would like to look at this one first.

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            Avatar photoBruce T

              you have to remove the little retaining “clip”
              its kinda horseshoe shaped with a small tab at the top of it.
              pull on that tab to slide the “horseshoe” retaining clip and then pull the cartridge straight out.
              sometimes they can be very hard to pull out and you have to use a moen stem puller…pretty expensive little tool, so if the tool is needed hopefully you have a friend that has one so you can borrow it!

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              Avatar photoskiptay

                I was able to pull the retaining clip out, that was easy. Unable to remove cartridge. Should it pull straight out? How much is the tool and how does it work?

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                Avatar photoBruce T

                  yes the cartridge should pull straight out.
                  the moen puller has a screw that screws into the screw hole that the handle used to be in, and an outside nut sit tight on the shower valve body.
                  tighetening the outside nut pulls the cartridge out much like a steering wheel puller but without the hammering action.
                  very cool little tool, there is also one that works on the inside of the moen cartridges if the center piece is broken..even more expensive!
                  i think the last time I checked they were 30-$40.
                  if you are able to get the cartridge out and dont see any obviuos debris, you may want to turn the water main on for just a second..(with the shower doors shut of course!
                  to blow any debris from the valve body.

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