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      Our master bedroom toilet flushes fine.
      Across the hallway is our main bathroom and it flushes to SLOW and won’t drain all the waste.
      Can you help me?

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      Your problem maybe due to a clogged flush rim.
      Try using a 5 gal. bucket to test this. Fill the bucket with around 3 gal. of water, dump into bowl if it flushes OK then your problem is the flush rim is clogged with hard water scale. You maybe able to save your toilet by using muatic acid which you can get in any home center. This is the same kind one uses for swimming pool cleaning. To treat take off the tank lid and pour about 1/2 gal down overflow tube (this is the tube in the center of tank) becarefull not to splash this is a weak acid but still could cause burns and do not inhale vapers.let set for a couple of min. flush toilet it should flush better.

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      There is a product (Vani-Sol, it may be known by other names) avaiable only at plumbing supply houses, that works better than muriatic acid and has less fumes.

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      Bruce T

      satony was on the right track until he mentioned the use of muriatic acid!
      He was assuming that you already made sure your water level in the tank was within one inch from the overflow of the flush valve and that your refill tube was functioning properly.

      If these things were checked first and you are positive that there is no partial blockage of the trap by debris or improper installation of the wax seal or wobbling toilet causing wax displacement then YES!
      (his advice about the 3 gallons of water should answer those questions)

      Satony is giving one of the most overlooked problems in sluggish toilets!
      usually a small jewelers screwdriver used to rod out the little holes around the inside rim will do the trick to remove scale and deposits.
      ALSO, an old worn flapper will tend to sag into the inlet of a flush valve restricting flow as well.

      Dont play with acid unless your at a RAVE party !

      And even then, make sure its pure or youll get vision problems!
      One Eyed Bruce.

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      in my opinion the flush ring does little to aid in the flush of the toilet it’s main purpose is to cleanse the bowl, the siphon jet (small dime sized hole bottom of the trap) is actually what causes the toilet to flush by shooting a column of water thru the trap-way making a low pressure zone (bournelli’s principle) carberators work the same way. the primary reason the siphon jet cloggs is failure to flush the toilet! urine solidifies in the jet if it’s left in the bowl to long. flush the toilet, you might be saving water but it will cost you in the long run

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      Bruce T

      some toilets arent equipped with siphon-jets my friend!
      some are gravity flush with wash-down rim only!
      (usually older style toilets)

      I for one have two rare floor mounted wall-discharge toilets with no siphon jet in my house!
      (dont ask!)

      if anyone knows of a floor mount,wall discharge toilet in pressure assist form with 4″ center from finished floor that doesnt look too silly please send me a link!!!
      I had someone from australia send me a link to a site with wall discharge but they looked FUNKY!
      (my house is a pre-fab dropped on a slab, all the plumbing is in the walls…all plumbing is flat-roughed…I cant change without coring through my footings!)
      (I live in plumbers hell!)
      But I call it HOME!

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