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      Need to know local est. for slab leak minor copper leak was charged 8 hrs 4 ea day $5 material total bill $900 too much
      what should I do? roll over and put all fours in air or pay them for job. They are a new business & I need to teach them a lesson. I could have done the job but thought I could have trusted the co and failed to provide a written est. therefore my poor judgement in this matter caused somedwhat of a difficulty. please answer soon. thanks from the rocket state. (ca)

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Ralph O Vondrak. If the Contractor genuinly spent the hours excavating & exploring & reinstating the “minor leak” then he is entitled to be compensated for his efforts.Who elected you to represent the Almighty? and teach this new contractor a lesson. Go & roll back with your all fours in the air, in your hole where you might be comfortable but I bet its hot down there.

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      i just love guys like this, all the world is their battlefield

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      robertgft, I know this bloke reckons he comes from California but I realy believe he is from Melbourne in Oz, either that or he is from LA.
      I travelled to USA in 1996 when our Dollar was worth .89c (cant afford it now, will wait for it to be worth more to go back) loved the people as they were almost Australian with a funny accent, all except those in LA, I had the same in Australia when I travelled to Victoria, great place, pity about the Melbournians. But I suppose they have the same oppinion of me, thats life.

      Regards Bob

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