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      Timothy D. Prow

      I’m writing a tale in which old plumbing and an enormous leak play a part in bringing a lawyer and her plumber together romantically.
      My question is two fold:
      A. In an old building could neglected toiletes dry out?
      B. Could a rodent get into a dry toilette and build a nest deep enough in the pipes that the flushing of a toilette in the next stall would cause a chain reaction of floods and backups?

      Thanks for your help, anyone who can help.
      Also, if you can let me know some of your worst stories of old plumbing, old buildings, and/or rodents that would help me fill out this plumber character. Thanks.

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Wot a wonderfull idea, A Plumber being romantic! but wouldnt it be a better idea if the plumber were romantic with a female!
      1. yes a neglected toilet can dry out if the water to it were isolated.
      2. yes a rodent could build a nest in a position to cause problems, but then Cloggcleaner would stuff up the relationship & we all know that Sylvan would testify for the lawer & the realationship just wouldnt get off the ground so to speak. by the way is Stewart little available?
      Regards Bob

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