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      I had my shower stall looked at because it was leaking. When they took the drain cover off, they noticed there was no drain on the shower stall. They tell me it will cost close to 1000 dollars to rip the shower out and install the drain. Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do instead. I can take a picture with the digital and post it somehow if that would help…please help…I can’t afford 1000 bucks, we just bought the house, but the warranty does not cover this!

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      HUH? you mean that there was no place for the water to go? if that’s the case contact your realitor you was robbed.maybe i’m reading that post wrong

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      I am the same person as vegasgirl73, just couldn’t remember my username on my origingal post. Anyway, it has a pipe, just no drain before the pipe…You can email me for the picture…thanks, Marcy [email protected]

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      Bruce T

      I think she was the one with the fiberglass tub and the leaking delta valve.
      if the pipe is there, I think you just need the rubber “pound-in” gasket that seals the fiberglass base to the surrounding pipe!

      (but what the hell do I know!?)

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      That wasn’t me…I am talking about a shower stall, not a tub. there is a pipe there, and some rubber stuff around the pipe, but nothing to direct the water to the pipe (a drain) that is what the plumber told me. just looking for any easier ways to fix then tearing the whole shower out.

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      wanna post a picture please ?


      All advice is given with-out seeing the job, and hence all advice MUST be taken as advice with limited knowledge on the exact situation. NO responsibility can or will be taken. And yes, I am a licensed Plumber and Drainer with my own business in Brisbane Australia.
      Try visiting ….

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      Okay, i could not really figure out how to post a pic…had to find a place to upload it to the web. But, hopefully this link will work. Thanks so much. if you can’t see the picture, then click here

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      got it looks like the shower pan was installed with no strainer and the pipe is just installed loosly in the pan opening. sorry but your SOL was there a home inspection or is there a home warranty? thats the first place to go take lots of pictures and perhaps hire a lawyer on a contigency basis

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      There is a warranty, but it will not cover the shower stall, and since it was like this before the warranty went into effect, it won’t cover. There was a home inspection, that did not list this as a defect at all, however the water was not turned on at the time of the home inspection (the water company would not put a water meter on as long as HUD still owned the property and HUD would not tell them to turn it on) and so he just visually inspected the plumbing, but shouldn’t he have seen this? I bought the house from HUD, as is, their appraiser did not list this as a defect at all, otherwise, FHA would not have let me buy the house without including the repairs in the loan. I don’t think I have much of a case though, since HUD sells it homes as is.

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      if YOU paid the home inspector than he/she let you down.

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      Bruce T

      I saw your picture!

      I have a similar fiberglass shower that looks IDENTICAL except your missing the brass “drain ring” that mine has!
      Mine is roughed in with plastic pipe and trap and the rubber “gasket” is packed around the trap riser and the surrounding brass “drain ring”
      Why or HOW this thing is missing from your shower I havent a clue!!
      I did not install the shower in my house, but the picture you posted looks EXACTLY like mine minus the brass drain!
      Do you see the tapered edge around the drain in YOUR picture?
      MY tapered edge is almost covered with a brass ring that extends down below the trap riser and a rubber gasket seals the pipe against the brass drain.
      Unfortunatly I do not know how the actual brass drain was installed on mine.
      I will talk to some people and get back with you to see if this piece can be installed from above or not.

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      Bruce T

      I did some looking around on the net and found MY particular drain.
      UNFORTUNATLY it is supposed to be installed and tightened down BEFORE the shower pan is set!
      Mine is the solvent weld brass drain pictured on this site:

      It is installed much like a basket strainer on a kitchen sink and then solvent welded to the plastic trap riser.

      You can E-mail the company that manufacturs these drains from that link and ask them if there is any hope, but it looks as if the bone-head plumber forgot to install the drain before setting in place!
      doesnt look good my friend!

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      Thanks for all the info…I really appreciate it. What I don’t get, though, is that I know this shower was used. I know the remodeling happened in 1987, and they had to have used the shower a few times. So, it appears to be something that occured after it was installed and running okay. Don’t know why or how this could have happened.
      That is why I keep feeling there may be some hope. The house would not have sold two years ago if the shower was not working. And I know the shower was there then, because it is in public record. Strange, huh?

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