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      Marry Smith

      I have a question about ethical practices of plumbers.

      Recently my mother, who does not speak English very well, got accosted by some gas plumbers who barged in and changed a pipe without authority from my mother. They used words such as free and so on to make my mother misunderstand that they just wanted to check something and ended up giving her a 135 dollar bill. I was wondering who I would contact to put in a complaint against them.

      Thank you for your help


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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Lana. It would help if the Plumbers on this list knew from where in the world you are writing! Ime sure the Plumbers in America would give a different answer to a Plumber in Australia & further a plumber in NSW compared to Qld.

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      She mos likly from New York. Thats how they ack there.

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      contact the police! hopefully you can help prevent those criminals from preying on other people. those guys were no more plumbers than i am a surgeon. did she pay the bill? just curious

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