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      Ed Williams

      3 Days ago my hot water heater stopped working. It is a 175l electric water heater. My home is 25 years old and has fuses rather than breakers. The first problem was a blown fuse. I replaced it and got hot water again for several hours. Then the fuse blew again. This time, replacing the fuse did not work – I did not get even warm water! I tried replacing both the upper and lower elements as well as both thermostats in the hot water heater. It still is not working. In fact, It blew another fuse! The fuses are 25’s (two of them in one cartridge). I am at the end of my rope – does anyone have ideas?
      PS – I would get a plumber but it is a holiday weekend here and I can’t afford those rates.

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      Tak the jumpre off the upper thermstat an wire it like the diagrm on the cover.

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