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      bungie wrote on 27 June 2002 at 08:32 PM:

      They where not recalled, Freedom looser is the same ******** different name. Bugger I thought he had fallen off the face of the earth. Australia had a gun recall a few years back, and like an ugly dog with a bone he cannot let it go.

      Hey mate now that legal guns are out of circulation how come you blokes have this need for dentention camps?

      Intreasting huh no more legal guns and now the govenrment goes nuts

      what next mate?

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      Bruce T

      I see your point now BUNGIE!

      you have a stalker at your heels that is posting stupid crap about gun-control!

      I dont know his actuall stand on gun control issues, but it doesnt much matter!

      He is being a jerk just to get attention!

      (I should loan him my stainless steel 4″ barrel smith and wesson 357 so he can shoot his worthlessttention-needing,”papa doesnt love me” self in the head!)

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      The detention camps are for the illegale alians. Where do you keep yours ?? in the spare bathroom ??


      All advice is given with-out seeing the job, and hence all advice MUST be taken as advice with limited knowledge on the exact situation. NO responsibility can or will be taken. And yes, I am a licensed Plumber and Drainer with my own business in Brisbane Australia.
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