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      Ben Saward

      I believe my old bathtub drain hardware was from Sears (previous owner) I can’t find a tool to remove it, it has two small slots running from the top to the bottom on opposite sides but no plumbing tools fit. What tool do you use to remove this type of drain, and where do I get one?

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      Bruce T

      I’m sure you confused most of us with your post, but a tub drain can usually be removed with a tub drain “bar-bell” tool that can be purchased at most home improvement centers.
      It will be in a barbell shape and have different configurations to hold the drain in place while you attempt to twist it out of the shoe.
      sometimes the drain cross will shear off in your attempt and then you have to manually cut out a portion of the threads (without damaging the female threads) and pry it out!
      good luck my friend!

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