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      I have a slow leak out of the valve (hose connector) at the bottom of my heater. Waht should I do?

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      Avatar photoracefanone

      Fix it.

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      Avatar photoBruce T


      If your not up to the task of actually fixing it, you can buy a simple 3/4″ hose cap from your home improvement center.
      Its just a little brass cap with 3/4″ hose threads and a hose washer inside of it.

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      Avatar photokoobla

      If I cap it is that a temporary fix or should I do more? If more, what should I do?
      Thanks for the help.

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      Avatar photoBruce T

      What more should you do????
      Cap it,
      test your temperature and relief valve,
      check your incoming water pressure,
      inspect your anode rod,
      inspect your exhuast duct,
      flush your heater,..
      etc. etc.
      Just cap the damn thing.

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Viewing 4 reply threads
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