Is 5.75″ Diameter For Cast Iron Hub Pipe Correct?

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      Ben Toews

      I want to move some Cast Iron Hub pipe in my basement floor over and would like to do it with No-Hub via hub to no hub adapters.

      The Tyler Pipe Company on-line catalog indicates the OD of the barrel of no-hub and hub and spigot pipe are both 5.30″. The hub pipe in my floor is about 5 3/4″ as best I can measure, and I’m sure I’m pretty close.

      I am going to have a problem getting a hub to no hub adapter for this pipe?

      The house is 95 years old. Has hub pipe OD changed since this was put in? Do I have some kind of extra heavy pipe? It seems quite heavy. Some of the center building supports are resting right on it. That is why I want to shift it over, I want to jack up the house a little and don’t want to do it right on the pipe. It is buried *right* below the floor slab at the back of the house. The slab is only about an inch thick.

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      Bruce T

      I dont know if this will help, but give it a shot!

      (they make couplings for this sort of endeavor)

      go to the bottom of their website and download their PDF format..(requires adobe acrobat reader to view..its free from adobes website as well)

      page 4 will show the realative outside diameters of no-hub, extra-heavy cast-iron, and Duriron.

      I have run into duriron twice in commercial buildings and it was NO FUN!
      almost broke my chain snappers! I had to cut it with an “emergency saw” with carbide wheel!
      the only thing I saw in their PDF catolog that had a combined wall thickness of 3/4″ was DURIRON, but they only list this up to 4″ inside diameter?????
      5″ extra heavy cast iron is listed as 5-1/2″ outside diameter.

      Wait till SYLVAN is back on this bulletin board…
      He may be able to help you/(us) out!

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      Hi Bruce,
      I found a mission fitting that fits 5.62″ OD pipe. I think it isHeavy Cast Iron. I had measured 5 3/4″ by eyeballing with a tape measure. 5.62″ sounds pretty close to what I measured so I’m thinking its this and I hope so because I’m going to get those Mission fittings. Thanks for the info.

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