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      I have a toilet that has a history of flushing real slow.I pulled the tank, checked the drain, got on the roof and snaked the air vent and plunged the heck out of it. It just flushed slow. Could it be a desing flaw in the toilet? Is there one that flushes faster? Help, Bob

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      when you say you checked the drain , did you check the vent hole in the toilet? this is a small hole located in the FRONT of the bowl (stick your hand in & feel back toward you)…if this is clogged & most frequently it is, then the toilet will have flushing problems.

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      jack spotz

      CHERYL THE PLUMBER! you go girl!
      lookin for a job? by the way doggy, i’d try muratic acid or an ultra-safe substitute. pour it slowly downthe overflow tube in your tank, then GO TO BED. that acid will have your toilet peachy clean by morning! read warnings

Viewing 2 reply threads
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