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      how much do plumbers useually cost per hour?null

      c corso

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      In Austrlya bout 60 Aus dollar; in Angland about 20 Angls; in USA about 80 dollrs; in Tennsee 15 dolr an a chiken; in Afrika about 1 cow.

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      How much do Plumbers cost? This is a relative question that is determined by many factors.
      First off in answer to your direct question, experienced journeyman plumbers cost me in the range of $25.00 to $52.00 an hour. This is what it costs me to have an experienced plumber in my truck. This number reflects the cost of the plumber to the plumbing company, only, and does not cover anything else.
      So a plumber showing up at your door will cost the company, 1.) The labor charge of that employee, 2.)Overhead which will include all monies spent to get that employee to your door. Examples are shop mortgage, phones, electric, tools, tool repairs, commercial insurances, liability insurance, workmens comp. ins., fuel, truck payments, truck repairs, cell phones, uniforms, office help, accountants fees, attorneys fees, marketing expenses, yellow page ads, flat rate books, managers salaries, my salary, organizational fees, payroll taxes, bad debt expenses, etc.
      3.) Profit must be added or I might as well work for somebody else. Now you can save alot of money if the company you call does not have many or any of the above overhead items. Like Insurance to protect you from catastrophic results, or commercial truck insurance or maybe you can find a company that only pays their help half of the going rate or you might find a company that has no trucks, hardly any tools and never ever pays payroll taxes, They are out there and they will not tell you what they do not offer for your protection. Some of these guys do not even have a contractors license. But you know what? You can save alot of money using them.
      So, Instead of asking How much do Plumbers cost?
      What you should be asking is do you have a contractors license to protect my assets if you make a mistake, or Do you have workmens comp coverage?, in case one of your employees gets hurt on the job in my house so I do not have to pay for his medical coverage. Or do you pay your employees a livable wage so that when they come over to my house they are not disgruntled workers looking to scam me

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      Alot of these shops have no liability insurance, which means you will be responsible for any damage they cause while on your property.
      So alot can be saved if you shop around long enough, you will find the shop that barely gets by everyday, if you look long enough.
      The problem is the money you save may be money more spent in the long run.

      Good Luck,
      The Local Plumber
      Tustin, California

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      In reply to message posted by ccsmp2711:
      how much do plumbers useually cost per hour?null

      c corso

      My top Mechanic is now making $65.00 per hr in the envelope NOT including benifits and profit sharing.

      So my top employee actually costs me close to $115.00 per hr if you consider days off with pay,hospitalzation, company car for his personal use plus I pay his cell phone bill.

      Of course this is not the normal rate an employee gets as my regular mechanics make only $45 per hr but they are not as skilled as the top mechanic.

      This question is asking how much does a lawyer make?

      One one my accounts has a building 47 stories high with thousands and thousands of these low life lawyers working in his building.

      Yet if you contact each law firm you would find each one pays their flunkies various salaries.

      A decent plumbing mechanic today should be able to gross $75,000-$135,000 plus profit sharing.

      Of course the Master plumber should draw a salary of at least $175,000+ or they are wasting their time and should go out and work for someone or find something else to dabble in.

      There are low lifes out there who actually pay the lesser skilled mechanics less then $20 per hr which is really a disgrace as if these folks are willing to accept about $20 per hr you know they honestly have no marketable skills and shouldnt be in the trades to begin with.

      Look at off the wall Fraud who has no skillls what so ever so when your asking prices maske sure your asking about professionals not handymen

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