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      Kym Mogridge

      I have a 30g Rheem gas waterheater that I bought new from Home Depote and it looks like it is leaking from behind the controler. The tag on the heater says that some condensation is normal for the first 24 to 48 hours , but this looks more like a leak as I have about 1/8″ of water in the drip pan after only about six hours. Could this be condensation or should I return the heater?

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      It culd be condnsatin. It culd be the releef valv drip. It could be another leak. IF yuo take the watr out so the pans dry, turn the gas off for overnite an the tank stil drips water, then thers a leaker.

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      it quit dripping a day after I posted this message and has never dripped again

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