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      we have an upstairs washer and dryer and the washer has a square metal drain pan. we are having to replace our washer and need to replace the pan too b/c of rust and a possible leak. we cannot get the drain pan up. we unscrewed it from the top flat metal drain but cannot get it disconnedted from the pipes. i’ve checked numerout sites on the internet–nothing. PLEASE HELP the other thing is we can’t get the pipes apart..apparantly they are connected together with a pipe adhesive and we cannot get the “male” and “female” parts apart to put the new piping on. when you lift the old paan the whole piping unit comes up with it. any other suggestions?? thanks

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      Washr drane pans are now of platic and alumnum so yuo can cutout the old pan and repipe to the nuew one.

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