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      I am trying to replace an old Moen single-handle faucet with a new one, but having trouble getting the old faucet off. It’s a single-hole mount with a 1-3/8″ hex nut. My basin wrench doesn’t open wider than 1-1/4″, and the space is too tight for other tools.

      Any suggestions on a tool to use to get this off? Is there a basin wrench with a wider jaw?


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      Bruce T

      yes they make basin wrenches with wider jaws.
      or you can buy the belled set of thin socket wrenches you use to remove shower stems, stack them on top of each other to elongate and turn with a large screw driver in the hole that they have in them. (break off the copper tubing thats in your way first)
      Or just do what I do, get pissed off, remove the handle and spout,violate that chrome cover with a pair of channel locks to expose the brass ON TOP of the sink and take it out with a sawzall!

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      I usually use a drill bit exension with a bit in it and drill the nut in to.Be sure to wear saftey glasses.Takes about 5 minutes and a sharp bit.Piece of cake

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