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      Remodeled bathroom with jacuzzi tub. Installed Delta single handle monitor pressure balance bath valve faucet and there is not enough pressure to make the hand held Moen shower massage head work. We have a well with a 5 foot point, there is water 7 feet down and the point is set at 28 ft deep. Our water pump has the pressure relief switch set at 30/50. It is a 3/4 horse pump.
      Thinking of going to a double handle faucet instead of the single handle. Will that help?
      Anyone have a suggestion?

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      Bruce T

      If your not getting inspection, you may want to get a faucet without a pressure balancing valve.

      Also look for a faucet designedd for use with a jacuzzi tub with 3/4inch inlets,Like a GROHE.
      and install it with 3/4 inch all the way to the fixture. use full port ball valves for your shut-offs, and 3/4 ID water flex’s or hard pipe it in with unions.
      GROHE’s are expensive, but they ROCK!

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