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      Before purchasing my house, I hired a home inspector who identified loose tile in the shower. The contractor the seller’s realtor sent out said “I doubt it will be a problem” and regrouted and caulked the area. After two months in the house, we pulled off a loose tile and found the sheet rock behind it was deteriorated. Needless to say, I have gone back to the contractors employer to complain. I would like to know where I can find documentation that loose tile is indicative of a definite moisture problem in the wall board behind it, such as a plumbing manual or codebook. Thank you.

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      I doubt that you will find anything in any of the books you mentioned about loose tile.Common sense will tell you that the wall is wet just by looking at it or feeling it .My guess is that the wall was wet from before and the contractor just patched over it while it was wet.Good luck

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