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      I’m having a problem with one of the sinks in the master bath. One sink works fine, but the other has little pressure and seemingly has no hot water. Hard to tell as there is so little pressure, perhaps I just didn’t wait long enough for it to come out. Any ideas on what to try before calling in a plumber? TIA!

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      Check the Aerator for sediment

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      And this brings me to my other problem. Some none too bright person tightened it so tightly that I can’t get it off. I tried to last night, and could not get it off. I noticed that even before I tried it was all dinged up from previous attempts at removal. Any ideas on how to get it off?

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      Bruce T

      yikes…you can try holding a bowl of lime-away to it for a while and see if that breaks some of the mineral deposits away from the threads…(dont attempt this if it is a brass type finish)
      If its already scarred up, you can try tightening a little first…(sometimes when all else fails when loosening, tightening just a bit is all it needs to break loose and able to be loosened)
      hope it doesnt break!
      good luck!

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