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      The hot water in our shower will run for a short time and then stop unless turn on full blast. Also at the kitchen sink after running the hot water for a while it starts to make a thud thud thud sound and the water pressure goes? Any ideas of what could cause this? Please help… Thanks null[/email][email][email protected]

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      Bruce T

      Thats pretty trippy!
      the thud thud sounds like water hammer, this can occur when you have a loose stem or washer in a fixture, but the reduction in pressure sounds like maybe some obstruction is partially blocking a section of the hot water piping.
      Maybe stuck at a reducing tee, and slamming back and forth from the larger side to the reduced side of a tee.
      I would try back flushing the hot water line back to the water heater.
      This should work, because the hot water piping will INCREASE in size at it is blown back to the heater.
      shut off the cold water inlet to the water heaterttach a hose to the drain, run the hose to a safe place to drain.
      remove the hot side hose from your cloths washer and the stop, and disconnect the cold hose from the washer ONLY and connect it directly to the hot stop.
      now open the drain of the water heater, and turn on the cold stop of the washer.
      this should blow cold backward through your hot and hopefully flush whatever it is safley out of the drain.
      If it doesnt work, look at the bright side…at least you flushed out your heater!
      also, you may want to check your pressure regulator..(if you have one)they do some pretty weird stuff sometimes,but if it ONLY with the hot water dont bother checking it.
      hope that helps.

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      Bruce T

      and if THAT wasnt enough…
      The shower thing could be explained by a pressure balancing valve doing what its upposed to to keep you from getting scalded if someone turns something on or if a toilet is passing and filling up…but that wont explain the kitchen sink…I dont know!…I’m trying to think!!!
      It could be two seperate problems! an old worn out stem on the kitchen faucet AND a pressure balancing valve…or maybe (if you have) a recirc pump that is shut off, and the gate keeps slamming back and forth, and mixing cold water…OR….maybe……
      OUCH! I’m getting a headache!
      If you get it figured out let me know…I think my nose is bleeding!

      OK, I’m back…took some asprin…You can test to see if your shower has a pressure balancing valve by simply shutting off the water to your water heater and turning
      on the shower…if the cold water is very low or hardly runs, then chances are you have a pressure balancing valve.
      If the cold water pressure doesnt change which way or the other then you can backflush your hot water system more easily from the shower than most other areas.
      unscrew the shower head and put a 1/2 cap on the end of the pipe and turn the shower to the middle (warm position) if its a single handle, or turn both valves full open if its a two valve type, with the hot water heater off, hose attached to heater, and drain valve open.
      Thats all I can think of for right now…If it turns out to be something else, let me know…

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      If you have faucets with washers on the ends of the stems ,check the washers ,they could be loose.Might have to replace the bibb washers and bibb screws.I have run across this type of problem quite often in 34 years of plumbing.

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