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      Although I am able to find tankless water heaters in electric, propane, and gas; I have not found anyone making one in an oil fired version.

      Does anyone out there make an oil fired unit?

      I live in Massachusetts and oil is king here. I could have a gas line pulled into my house as it had gas at one time but was converted to oil.

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      Not likely, since the proper operation of a tankless unit requires that the energy input be varied depending on the flow of water, and an oil burner is a constant heat device.

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      So can an oil fired unit be made that the gun has a variable orifice or other regulating device? I see one Hell of a market here.

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      If you regulated the oil flow, you would also have to regulate the air supply and the logistics of doing it would create an expensive unit. Tankless water heaters for any fuel are not a hot item, (mainly because by the time they need parts the company is out of business. I just scrapped a large one yesterday), so I would suspect that you are about the total market for an oil fired one. Not a lot of justification for creating an entirely new line.

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      Yes they do make a line of instantanious Oil fired waterheaters. Its made by Toyotomi and it is called the BS-36UFF it produces 148,000 BTU’s you can find more information on this unit at http://www.comtec.net

Viewing 4 reply threads
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