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      Avatar photoBarry Halton

      I had an instant hot water heater in LasVegas that was installed next to the hot water heater that was on a 24 hr. timer that delivered instant hot water to all hot water fuacets in house. Does anyone know where I can buy one of these?? No one seems to know what I am talking about. I don’t want one that replaces the hot water heater. This controller box was about 6 inches square. Thank You in advance.
      Richard Lettie

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      Avatar photoNickHydro

      Honeywll makes a timer for elecric heaters. Ask the supplyer near yuo.

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      Avatar photoBruce T

      Hey Richard, I didnt know what the heck you were talking about either…What I THINK you are trying to find is just RECIRCULATING PUMP!
      all it does is circulate hot water through the pipes so that when you turn on the shower in the morning it is hot already, no having to wait for the shower to get warm enough to get in.
      They sometimes have timers, and sometiimes they will be run off a thermostat..(aquastat)
      It may be kind of expensive to have a pump at the heater itself, because a plumber has to run a line all the way to the other end of the house.
      There is a circulating pump that you can have installed under the bathroom sink for very cheap. they work pretty good! the plumbing is VERY simple to hook up, but you have to have an electrician install a GFI outlet under your sink.
      I’ll try and find the literature and tell you the name of the pump i’m talking about.

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      Avatar photoBruce T

      AUTOCIRC! thats the name of it!
      Hey richard, go to this website, it has pictures of both recirc pumps…tell me if thats what you were talking about.


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      Avatar photodoubled

      could be thinking tankless water htr. no?

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      Avatar photorobertgf

      bruce, the pump you’re refering to is called a autocirc (brand name) grunfos makes one also i’m putting an addition on my house and i’m going to try it ( i’m to lazy to run a pipe all the way to the w/h)i’ll let you know how it works

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      Avatar photoBruce T

      Cool Robert!
      I havent installed one myself because I dont do much residential, but my friends that have installed the autocirc’s say they work fine!
      good luck with yours my friend.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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