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      I just recently purchased the Puricle 110 Self CLeaning Toilet System from my local Home Depot. I want to say that i am surprised to find how great it works! i didnt think it would, but it does and i never have to scrub my toilet bowl since… the tablet lasts 1 whole year, 4000 flushes. and doesnt damage the toilet tank parts like the flapper, plus its safe for septic systems. i also have hardwater, which totally got rid of that! its sooo easy to install which took me less than 3 minutes altoghether and i got rid of my scrub brush and all those industrial cleaners…. everyone and anyone…try out this product…guaranteed yall love it… web pageweb page

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      Justrin liks to advertise asif she was not a employee that sells Purcle. We sur get fool a lotr.

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