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      My second floor master bath toilet has leaked into the powder room below rotting a hole in the drywall. The pipe that is leaking is the waste pipe from the toilet (or that’s where the drip originates at least). I can’t tell where the leak is since it collects at the bottom of the pipe, then drips. My idea was to silicone the heck out of the pipe joints and hope for the best. However, would a bad wax seal cause this? I can’t reach up high enough to feel for leaks near the bowl. It is a minor drip (approx every 2 min) that worsens after a flush. This leads me to believe that it’s the pipe and not the seal. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! [email protected]

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      If yuo can get toit an silocon it yu can fix it right.

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      Could be either one leaking.Check between the bowl and the tank to make sure it is not leaking there when you flush it.Also check for cracks.I would suggest replacing the seal for starters and go from there.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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