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      Robert W. Leete

      hi my name is marge
      i recently had my bathroom renovated
      and everyone done a good job
      but before it was done when i would turn on the shower the wall would vibrate when the pipes were making funny noises and it felt good when i would lay against them but i had to renotate because there was a big leak one night when i was taking a shower and water went every where
      even down stairs now it looks good but it has no noise i do not why

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Marge, it is unfortunate that the plumbers may have fixed the vibration problem, im’e sure with a little thaught & time a handyman could fix the problem, wot about Homer? is he available?
      Regards Bob

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      Hi Marge you do not need plumbing to make for good vibrations dear…..

      E mail me sometime

Viewing 2 reply threads
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