Toilet flushes water very slowly….has not been used in 1 year

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      The second bathroom has not been used much in 1 year since my last child moved out.

      I have plunged frequetly but to no avail.

      Homedepot suggested a Toilet Bowl Cleaner that you add into the flapper hole after shutting the water. Well, the water did rush down once after that treatment but then after that it is the same. It does not overflow.

      Then Homedepot suggested I use this Drain Cleaning Devise that you push in by turning the handle. It is supposed to go into the drain and clear the blockage but nothing has happened. I am ussing is as directed but I do not think it is going in all the way because of the way the pipes are. No Yucky stuff has surfaced either the equipment comes out absolutely clean.

      Any suggestions what to do??

      Thank You.

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      I think you should take your credit card and go back to home Depot and buy EVERYTHING the clerk suggests, then if it doesnt work post on here again for more advice.

      I am sure they must have the right fix all, all you need is have patience to find it. I am sure they can help you

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