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      Barbara Pomraning

      We had to remove our toilet recently for tile installation. After double wax ring reseating the toilet and grout sealing the foot, we now can hear water spilling into the drain catch basin underneath the floorboards whenever we use the toilet. It sounds like an outhouse would as it’s being used. This did not happen before we had to remove the toilet. I assume that what we’re hearing is the volume of water in the toilet draining as it’s being displaced by the volume of pee that we’re adding at the surface. As you can guess this is a little disconcerting, and I’m really stymied as to why this is happening now and not before. Any info/solution will be greatly appreciated, as always…….

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      Why double wax seal instead of a proper extension or the very least a deep type floor flange?

      The wax seal is only meant to keep foul air out not act as a drain pipe extension.
      Your looking for a breeding place for mildew and other great stuff to hibernate.

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