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      I have a Kenmore portable dishwasher that I would like to build in to my cupboard. My father says to leave the wheels on and just slide it into the cutout section of cabinet. Is this possible? I have heard there are conversion kits available but I was wondering if anyone could give me any clues on what to do for as little money as possible. I would appreciate it. I know the waste line has to be conected and the hot water but do I need cold too? The electicial part won’t be much of a problem as there is a plug directly above where the washer will go so I can tap off that to put another plug in. Can anyone help???

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      Unless it is a “convertible” model, there are some unique features of a portable that make permanent installation difficult. There are no openings in the cabinet for the water, drain, and electrical lines to pass through. The electric, drain and water have to be converted from pull out hoses to a conventional power cord, water and drain lines. If the wheels are completely enclosed then rolling it in may suffice after the top is removed and the other conversions are made.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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