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      bethany goult

      I just don’t get it. My old flapper was slightly warped, causing the toilet to keep running in the tank ever so slightly. I could not find a flapper exactly like the old one; hence the journey of finding a flapper that dropped not too slow (causing the toilet to flush twice) and not too fast (solved by the nice man at Ace Hardware with the Fluidmaster Adjust-a-Flush Flapper). However, now the water level in the bowl is low (although the level changes slightly from flush to flush). If I put the old flapper back on, the bowl and tank fill normally. I thought I was onto something having the flapper drop slower, but it ultimately was to no avail. I’ll live with it, but if anyone has an answer, I’d sure appreciate it. Thanks!

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      make sure you didn’t remove the refill tube by accident when you replaced the flapper, also the leaking flapper may have been acting as an accessory refill, therefor you will probably have to replace the ballcock with something that flows more water through the refill tube a fluidmaster should do the trick

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      I know the refill tube is in place. I’ll try the other. Thanks!

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