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      We are planning to remodel our bathroom ourselves and want to replace the blue toliet with a white toliet(house was built in the 70’s). The only toliets sold in the U.S. are water-saver toliets and I don’t want to deal with them. Does anyone know where I could find a non water-saver toliet? There isn’t anything wrong with my current toliet other than it is blue. Now don’t laugh, I had even called numerous bathtub refinishing places to see if they would refinish a toliet. I don’t think the new toliets really save water when they have to be flushed a couple of times when used.
      Thanks for your help.

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      What your asking for is illegal and shows no consideration what so ever about conservation.

      When water bills reach $2.00 per cubic foot I know who to thank for wasting potable water.

      Why not look into the use of GRAY water and give the next generation a chance !

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      If your remodelling project includes Building Permits and Inspections — as it should to protect the resale value of your home — then an Inspector will not approve a new toilet that is more than 1.6gpf.

      For example, suppose you went to Canada and bought a 3.5gpf toilet, or bought a commecial toilet. The inspector would not sign-off on your final inspection and a lender won’t lend to your buyer.

      There is an article at that recommends 1.6gpf toilets that flush well.

      Heck, in Australia, they are making toilets with two flush settings — 1.0gpf for liquids and 1.6gpf for solids. A well-made toilet shouldn’t need 5 gallons of drinking water to flush properly.

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