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      i just inquired a house which has radiators for heat, upstairs and downstairs. i want to installl a separate furnace for the upstairs there is already a furnace for downstairs. plus put each on its own gas meter. i have this plumber he wants to put forced air in the attic, and put the ducts in the ceiling upstairs. the downstairs will still have the radiator heating system. is this a good move. both units will have their own gas meters. should i just tell him to just hook the new furnace for the upstairs to the exiting pipes, and keep the entire house with radiators. house was built around ???? 1935
      ceiling have the plaster and lath.

      any help and suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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      Scorched air is the worst type of heating next to under slab systems.

      Lets keep it simple.
      Anything that is a good conductor of electricity is a good conductor of heat.

      Air BAD for currant flow Water good HUH?

      Putting piping under “cement” BAD for electric flow BAD for heat huh?

      Cast Iron holds the heat for hours and hours a good thing

      Air cools fast BAD THING huh?

      Drafty hot spots are annoying Dusty and filters are BAD water no maintenance huh?

      Which do you think is better?

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