80 Gal Captive Air Tank Started Short Cycling — 1 Minute to Fill

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      dan d

      I reduced the pump pressure from 40 – 60 psi to 32 – 52 psi because I did not need the pressure. Soon after, the pump started to “short cycle”. The Sears 80 gallon captive air tank Mod 390.291701, purchased in 1994, started taking only one minute for the pressure to go from 32 to 52 psi. The pump only puts out 7.5 GPM.
      What could be wrong with this system?
      Thanks, Bill

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      Hi Bill, ever hear the expression “if something aint broke why fix it?”

      The 8PSI difference is not really going to cause that much of a problem so why not let well enough alone.

      Put it back and see it it shorts cycles again?

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      Thanks, Sylvan, I might try that.

      Based on the lack of any other replies to this problem, it is a very rare problem?

      I am really afraid that the bladder is shot. But, there is no air in the water or rust or any other problem.

      One other detail: I drain and re-fill this tank about 20 times per year because it is in a cabin without freeze protection (heat). Each time it drains, it the pipes/tank make a loud groaning sound. Can that be good? Is that a sign of trouble?
      Thanks, Bill

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      The reason I guess no one bothered to answer is sight unseen and with out model numbers we are taking a shot in the dark.

      Also “country” plumbing is a tough call for us city folks.

      We are spoiled we connect to a city water main gas main and sewer and we could care less about pumping unser normal conditions.

      Personally if I lived in the boon docks I would find a local hillbilly jack of all trades and have him/her service this equipment locally.

      It is also a good idea to have someone locally incase you cant get up there you know the properity is being watched.

      There are so many unknowns like water quality, Ph factors age of the equipment.

      Atleast life in the big city we have options as to how we develope pressure when needed.

      Roof tanks, hydropneumatic systems, high pressure pumping systems etc.

      Good luck and enjoy the laid back life country living asffords you

Viewing 3 reply threads
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