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      I have a Sime Super 90 Plus combi boiler. When drawing hot water only, all the radiators also get hot, even though the heating is switched off.
      Any ideas what is wrong?

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      The circulator relay may be stuck, letting the circulator run all the time.

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      Good Guess Nick BUT I would think a flow control valve should be checked before thinking it is electrical problem.

      Heat rises my good man and the flow control is there to prevent stratification of the hotter water traveling through out the system.

      Now considering many systems are neglected and dirty it would not take much sediment to cause the flow control plunger to fail in the open position.

      Hey nick you got to ask a heatin guy as they know everything about nithing huh?

      Look at all those underslab heating failures P&H guys are known for huh dude

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      Nah, a flo control valve is g=bigger than the boiler. They don’t have none in those foregn boilers. They have those gimcracky controls that tell if the water is for the tap or the heat is for the house and they get messed up and sticky.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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