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      Gilbert Chacon

      I have a 10-year-old toilet (not a modern water-saver) that will not flush all the way. The flapper falls back down and stops the flush when there are still 5-6 inches of water in the tank. If I hold the handle down (and flapper up) until all the water has run out of the tank, it flushes OK (the water level in the tank is OK). I have replaced the flapper 3 times, even with the adjustable flush kind, but the flapper still falls down too soon and shuts off the flush before it is finished.

      I have gone online to several pages – Toiletology, Fluidmaster, etc. – but I can’t find the solution to this problem.

      Any ideas? Thanks!

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Wolly. What do you do for a living? You obviously have no plumbing training, I would blame my wife for interfering with the problem if it were mine but obviously you are the problem interfering with the plumbing. I would suggest.
      1 Stop interfering with technology of which you have no expertise.
      2 Call a licensed plumber.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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