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      Isnt putting coca cola into your toilet not a really good way to keep it clean? Because afterall that means you have to keep putting the coke into your toilet bowl every time after you flush. I use a little system i have and i never have to touch my toilet again…isnt that better? i think its the puricle 110 system. but anyways, i dont know…if coke does work, i guess i can try that out..but has anyone else used the puricle system before? web page

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      Its a great way to do it, let the Coke sit in the bowl over night.The only problem is my wife gets shitty when I put the bottle back in the fridge the following morning


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      Robert Stephen Morton

      bungie, just add scotch.

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      Great replies,things go better with Coke

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      I set up a cocacola drip into my tank with a bag left over from wen my bud was in the hopitel an the bole is aways cleen.

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