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      Bo Shao

      I woke up at 1:00am this morning, and heard something funny, it sounded like water running. I got out of bed and it was the faucet at the bathroom sink running full blast! First off, I know I turned it off when I went to bed, and I always use the coldest water possible, so the dial was pegged to the right when I turned it off. At 1:00am this morning it was running full blast and the dial was in the middle.

      Would this mean that the cartridge needs to be replaced, or the seals, or do I have a ghost in my house (ha!)?web page


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      Howdy Mam,

      Well Darlin the problem could very well be excessive grease Moen used on the cartridge.

      Possible solution dissemble and wipe off excess and re install good luck dear

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